At, we realize that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for repair shops. That’s why we offer a variety of battery lines, each designed to be perfect for a specific market.
Sometimes it’s easier to compare products side-by-side to see what suits your market best. Below you’ll find a chart of how all of our products stack up against each other, so you know exactly which one to choose for even the pickiest repair.

      iPhone  Battery  Quality 
Grade Battery Cell Chip  Capacity 
Economic A Normal 100%
Standard AAA SinoWealth 100%
Original  AAA TI  100% 
Extended Capacity AAA SinoWealth / TI > 120% 

      Other  Batteries  Quality 
Grade Battery Cell Chip  Capacity 
Standard AAA Normal 100%
Original Original Original 100%
 -   +